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Smoldering Scampi: Top 5 in the Arsenal

Recreate fly patterns at home! Materials used in making this fly have been included below. Always keep in mind your local fly-fishing store will most likely have the materials referenced, and typically for less. Materials can also be found at Amazon or any other major on-line resource.

Fly-Tying Materials

  • Mustad 34007SS (#4)
  • UTC Monofilament (0.006)
  • Bead Chain Eyes, large, black
  • Senyo’s Fusion Dub, flame
  • Krystal Flash, black/ pearl
  • EP Fibers, beige
  • Ande 40 lb Monofilament (weed guard)

Design Inspiration & Detail

Another great fly for fishing South Florida and Caribbean flats. Anything that looks like a shrimp or crab with natural colors and an splash of something bright is already batting a thousand. For those that don’t catch the baseball reference, it means you already are using the perfect fly to catch some local game fish. As always, the metallic/ crystal flash really gives the fly some life. Add a few strands for legs or antennule. Be creative and change up colors. Options for upgrading the pattern are endless.

Target Species

This particular fly was designed to attract Bonefish and Permit – jacks and many other species will also take the fly.

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