Wired Bendback Charlie: Chartreuse
07 Mar 2018

Fly Fishing Florida: Top 10 Fly Patterns for 2018

2018 Top 10 Saltwater Flies for South Florida and the Keys This is an awfully big topic to cover, for starters. South Florida is the sport fishing capital of the world for a reason. In a relatively small amount of square miles, there are numerous types of environments yielding an

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Patagonia Fly-Fishing Dry Pack
14 May 2015

Gear Up: Top 15 Tools for the Fly-Fishing Gear Bag

When heading out to fish minutes, miles, or days away, forgetting your gear bag would be catastrophic. For that matter, forgetting any single item may be catastrophic. Ever been in a remote location with straight blistering sun and forget your sunscreen? How about tucked into the Everglades, hours away from

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Leather Jack on Fly
18 Jan 2015

Super-Light Weight Fly-Fishing in the Florida Keys

Saltwater fly-fishing typically demands a heavier rig, specifically the elements, as they throw everything at you in a moment’s notice. Some say the size of the fish demand the heavy weight gear. This is true, only if you are aiming to pick up larger fish, targeting a specific area, using

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13 Jan 2015

Top 10 Fly Patterns for Bonefish

2015 FAVORITES: FLY PATTERNS FOR BONEFISH I’m sure we all agree, Bonefish will take a variety of fly patterns when hungry. If you happen to miss feeding time, well, let’s just say you’ll have to be more crafty with your approach. When Bonefish are more selective, you will need a

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