Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Nylon Pant
28 Dec 2016

Columbia’s Silver Ridge Convertible Nylon Pant: Goes Anywhere Perfectly

Never thought you could wear one specific pair of pants in so many environments. I’m so fortunate to have stumbled across Columbia’s Silver Ridge Convertible nylon pant . It’s so easy to get in and out of the water with these, and stay cool. This is the perfect pant for

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Columbia PFG Backcast Nylon Pant: Grill
30 Jun 2015

Columbia’s Backcast Nylon Pant: 5-Star Performer

In South Florida, it can get pretty warm (90°F with 90% humidity) in the Summer months. One of the best ways to steer clear of the sun and stay cool is to wear a lightweight pair of UPF nylon pants. Many manufacturers (i.e. Patagonia, Simms, ExOfficio, etc.) offer UPF pants

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Galvan Torque 10 Fly Reel
21 Jun 2015

Saltwater Fly-fishing Gear: Editor’s Choice

When it comes to purchasing fly-fishing gear (i.e. rods, reels, line, etc.), there are so many models and brands to choose from. Technology advances exponentially each year, bringing better and better equipment to the table. It is true my G3 Sage rod from 1990 still holds its own, however it

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Patagonia Fly-Fishing Dry Pack
14 May 2015

Gear Up: Top 15 Tools for the Fly-Fishing Gear Bag

When heading out to fish minutes, miles, or days away, forgetting your gear bag would be catastrophic. For that matter, forgetting any single item may be catastrophic. Ever been in a remote location with straight blistering sun and forget your sunscreen? How about tucked into the Everglades, hours away from

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Simms' Solar Sombrero
15 Mar 2015

Sun Hats: Simms’ Solar Sombrero

WIDE BRIMMED UPF SUN HATS Over this last year, I’ve been in the market for a sun-hat. As typically done when looking for new gear, I start my research with on-line reviews and trips to local shops for a little hands-on assessment. Problem is, playing with it in the local

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Surgeon's Knot with Monofilament
20 Dec 2014

Fly-Fishing Knots: Rigging Your Rod & Reel

Many resources are available on the net these days, all advising which knots are best for rigging a fly-line and leader. A majority of these knots have a similar breaking strength, especially when you look at all the loose variables in tying them. For example, how many wraps were used,

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Simm's Stone Cold LS Shirts
17 Nov 2014

Simms’ Stone Cold LS Shirts

A few weeks ago, I picked up one of these Stone Cold LS Shirts from Simms . The store owner suggested I try it on and get a feel for how cool the shirts feels. To my surprise, the material really felt cool. I’m not really sure whether it’s the

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