License-Free Fishing Days in Florida for 2015
01 Jun 2015

Florida License-Free Fishing Days

Many of you may have been waiting for a perfect time to get out and try your hand at fly-fishing. Well, the state of Florida offers several days each year where all of you can fish license-free. In other words, the state of Florida has given you free days to

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Florida Keys Outfitters
19 Jan 2015

South Florida Fly Shops: Fly-Fishing & Fly-Tying Supplies

Over the last 12 months, I have frequented Miami’s local fly shops (below). I wanted to share my observations on what each shop had to offer. Keeping things simple, I am using Excellent, Good, Fair, and Limited as a scale for rating their available in-store selection. In order from North

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Leather Jack on Fly
18 Jan 2015

Super-Light Weight Fly-Fishing in the Florida Keys

Saltwater fly-fishing typically demands a heavier rig, specifically the elements, as they throw everything at you in a moment’s notice. Some say the size of the fish demand the heavy weight gear. This is true, only if you are aiming to pick up larger fish, targeting a specific area, using

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13 Jan 2015

Top 10 Fly Patterns for Bonefish

I’m sure we all agree, Bonefish will take a variety of fly patterns when hungry. If you happen to miss feeding time, well, let’s just say you’ll have to be more crafty with your approach. When Bonefish are more selective, you will need a fly pattern more closely matched to

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Saltwater Fly Fishing: Flats
28 Nov 2014

Florida Saltwater License-Free Fishing Day

Many of you may have been waiting for a perfect time to get out and try your hand at fly fishing. Well, tomorrow is November 29th, a day which the state of Florida has given us a free day to fish without a recreational saltwater fishing license. This applies to

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