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Southeastern Flyworks
08 Apr 2019

Southeastern Flyworks

In preparation for some fly-fishing on the North side of the Dominican Republic, I connected with Capt Randy Rhode, the Owner of North Coast Sportfishing out of Cabrera. After some logistics planning, Capt Randy showed me a few pics of the most amazing pelagic flies – flies tied specifically for

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Florida Keys Outfitters
20 Apr 2018

South Florida Fly Shops: Fly-Fishing & Fly-Tying Supplies

Over the last few years I have frequented quite a few South Florida fly shops. I wanted to share my observations on what each shop had to offer. Keeping things simple, I am using Excellent, Good, Fair, and Limited as a scale for rating their available in-store selection. In order

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Wired Bendback Charlie: Chartreuse
07 Mar 2018

Fly Fishing Florida: Top 10 Fly Patterns for 2018

2018 Top 10 Saltwater Flies for South Florida and the Keys This is an awfully big topic to cover, for starters. South Florida is the sport fishing capital of the world for a reason. In a relatively small amount of square miles, there are numerous types of environments yielding an

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Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Nylon Pant
28 Dec 2016

Columbia’s Silver Ridge Convertible Nylon Pant: Goes Anywhere Perfectly

Never thought you could wear one specific pair of pants in so many environments. I’m so fortunate to have stumbled across Columbia’s Silver Ridge Convertible nylon pant . It’s so easy to get in and out of the water with these, and stay cool. This is the perfect pant for

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Biscayne Bay: Baby Blue Crab
25 Jun 2016

Indigenous Inspiration: Florida Crab Patterns

TYING BLUE CRAB FLIES Call it “matching the hatch” or what you will, sticking close to local fly patterns will always yield reasonable results. A good majority of “tailing” fish like to pick up crustaceans off the bottom, especially in skinny water (on the flats or in the shallows). Pictured

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Flies by Backwater Fly Fishing
31 Mar 2016

Flies by Backwater Fly Fishing

Capt Jesse Males connected with us at Fly Mastery back in JAN 2016. After some time exchanging e-mails and photos, it was apparent he also had a passion for fly-fishing, fly-tying, and the adventure that comes with the fly-fishing lifestyle. Over the last two months I received amazing photography of

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John Roetman: Mackerel Tuna on Fly
05 Nov 2015

Flies by John Roetman

I first connected with John Roetman at the 2015 IFFF Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He had quite a few folks gathered around his fly-tying bench, all of which were very interested in his display of unique creations. After some time watching John tie one of his latest local patterns,

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Rubber Legs: New Color Options
13 Oct 2015

Rubber Legs: New Color Options

I was leaving one of the Bass Pro Shops the other day and happen to walk out through the isle displaying all the rubber/ plastic lures. Among all the eye-candy, the replacement rubber “skirts” for spinners and jigs caught my eye. They looked so similar to the Sili and Centipede

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