I was another one of a select few bitten by the fly-fishing mind set and experience. It all began back in 1982. The idea of packing up and heading out to find another river/ stream to fly-fish was what inspired me so much.

I was introduced to an antique cane rod and click-pawl reel at this time – it just fascinated me. The idea of throwing a weighted line to get a weightless fly out into the middle of a stream was brilliant. I have always been intrigued by sports that combine outdoor elements, strategy, and a fair amount of physics. I finally figured this out after many years snow skiing, golfing, skeet shooting, yacht racing, and of course fly-fishing. I’m really amazed by how much physics plays a part in all of them.

My experience with fly-fishing continued with discovering fisheries up and down the West coast, from California to Alaska. In the early 1990s, I spent some time floating the Green and Teton rivers for Rainbows. In the mid 1990s, I was fortunate enough to fish Alaska, BC and NWT for Cutthroat, Rainbow, and Lake Trout – the occasional Grayling was nice too. Moving to Hawaii in 2012 offered me a look at some sizable Bonefish and another amazing fishery. In 2014, I relocated to Southern Florida and was knocked over by such an expansive fishery. Florida is truly is the capital of sport fishing. Miles and miles of untapped fisheries are waiting for the next fly-fishing enthusiast.

Getting to know salt water fly-fishing has been an amazing experience thus far. There is so much to learn. Fly Mastery is my attempt at an on-line resource, chronicle, and blog of my discoveries and effort to shorten the learning curve for effective salt water fly-fishing. Please enjoy all Fly Mastery has to offer, and by all means, add your own experiences and tips so others can learn from you.


Capt JD Hess, Editor

2007 Boston Whaler Montauk 170
2007 Mercury 90 EFI 4-Stroke
22′ Carbon Marine G2LR pole

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