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Easter Baskets & Bunnies

Bunny flies are a necessity in almost every saltwater fly box. Rabbit fur takes most of the credit for the success of the Bunny fly – the soft fur offers some amazing action in the water. Bunnies are typically made by wrapping the main body (hook shank) with “rabbit strips” in a fashion similar to the way a tennis racket grip is wrapped. As the rabbit strip wraps up the hook shank, it should overlap slightly. This overlapping gives the fly a nice bulk of rabbit fur as the body transitions into the head. In a way, the fly takes on the shape of a typically bunny nose.

The tail of a bunny fly can be made of a single rabbit strip, various feather, buck tail, or other material of choice. Adding a few strips of crystal-flash really makes for an effective fly.

The bunny fly is used to catch a variety of species (e.g. Striped Bass, Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Sea Trout, Barracuda, and too many more to mention).

Some hot colors tried-and-true include Red/ White, Beige/ Cream, and Black/ Purple. Bright colors are effective as well.

As we are approaching Easter 2015, our post on Bunnies is timely – figured we would have some fun for the occasion. For more information on tying or fishing bunnies, by all means comment below. If you would like to have Fly Mastery publish a creative bunny fly you have tied, send us one! We will post your fly recipe and send you the high-res pic.

Happer Easter !

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