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Capt Jesse Males connected with us at Fly Mastery back in JAN 2016. After some time exchanging e-mails and photos, it was apparent he also had a passion for fly-fishing, fly-tying, and the adventure that comes with the fly-fishing lifestyle. Over the last two months I received amazing photography of custom fly patterns and some video of various international fly-fishing travel. Not only were the photos well done, but the videos were outstanding. Each video had great fly-fishing action and great perspective. Video soundtracks were well done and the editing first rate. I could tell Jesse had a knack for inspiring others to fly-fish when his videos all seemed to tell a story. Some would include packing up, traveling, arriving, gearing up, sighting hot spots, striking, fighting, landing, releasing fish, cooking fish, and chill’n under the coconut palms remembering the day’s fun.

Needless to say, we are honored Capt Jesse chose Fly Mastery to help share his great fly-fishing and fly-tying creativity. Enjoy some of his great fly patterns below and look for more to come.

  • Redfish L&D (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Backwater Tarpon Toad: Chartreuse
  • Ostrich Clouser Minnow: Olive
  • Margarita Shrimp
  • Simple Micro Shrimp: Olive
  • Ostrich Clouser Minnow: Midnight
  • Crystal River Shrimp
  • Flash Fur Baitfish: Gold
  • Tarantula Shrimp: Olive
  • Poppin Flats Shrimp: Brown

Capt Jesse ties every saltwater pattern available – for a greater selection of stock patterns offered, visit his fly shop at Backwater Flies. If interested in purchasing any of the referenced flies, pricing is included below.


Ostrich Clouser Minnows: $15.00 for three. Purchase Now
Redfish L&D: $20.00 for three. Purchase Now
Simple Micro Shrimp: $11.00 for three. e-mail Capt Jesse to special order
Crystal River Shrimp: $16.00 for three. e-mail Capt Jesse to special order
Flash Fur Baitfish: $21.00 for three. Purchase Now
Tarantula Shrimp: $19.00 for three. e-mail Capt Jesse to special order
Poppin Flats Shrimp: $22.00 for three. Purchase Now

Other Details

Jesse ties a majority of his saltwater flies with Gamakatsu and Mustad hooks. He’s currently experimenting with Daiichi 2546 hooks – if a fan of Daiichi, request for them specifically. If looking for any special fly patterns, please make sure to inquire first. He will ship any assortment needed. For specific questions, feel free to connect with Jesse via Facebook, YouTube, his web site Backwater Fly Fishing, or his e-mail.


First Class USPS shipping is $6.00 and all orders over $50.00 ship free of charge. Orders typically ship inside of one week.

Jesse’s Bio

Captain Jesse Males, an aficionado in the world of fly-fishing. A sportsman, adventurer, and outdoorsman – it’s difficult to categorize his expertise or identify waters he hasn’t fished.

Captain Jesse started fishing at a very young age and was taught to fly-cast by his father at ten years old. This opened up a whole new aspect of fishing and provided him a stack of amazing memories. It wasn’t until Jesse hit college where he spent a majority of his time on the water. Time was mostly spent in pursuit of learning the backwaters that make up both East and West coasts of Central Florida. This included waters between Chassahowitzka and Crystal River on the West coast, as well as waters of the Banana River, Indian River, and Mosquito Lagoon systems. Most exploration in fly-fishing was done via kayak. Nothing gave him more of a challenge or reward than sneaking up on monster fish in the yak and landing a fly within reach.

This fly-fishing lifestyle has taken Jesse to some great destinations and provided him with memorable experiences in the wild. From chasing big salty critters in the Florida Keys, Roosters in Coast Rica, and Trout in the Carolinas and Wyoming, he’s felt blessed to experience fly-fishing at its finest.

Capt Jesse spends a considerable amount of time growing his business (Backwater Fly Fishing and Backwater Flies), traveling, and raising his family in Central Florida. Visit Backwater Fly Fishing for more of Jesse’s fly-tying creativity and fly-fishing lifestyle.

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