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Last month I noticed a few creative fly patterns on Instagram by Salty River Fly Company – one being their Mayan Cichlid Clouser. After connecting with Jesus Mora (Owner) via e-mail, he decided to send me a few fly patterns to post on Fly Mastery. Patterns included:

  • Brush Crab
  • Redfish Toad: Purple
  • Peacock Baitfish Fry
  • Lion Shrimp: Olive
  • Mayan Cichlid Clouser
  • Origami Shrimp
  • Peacock Clouser
  • Mayan Cichlid

Jesus will tie anything you could dream up. He can replicate/ tie just about anything that swims, hops, walks, or flies. If interested in purchasing any of the referenced flies or others included on any of his sites, pricing is included below.


Crystal Minnows: $3.00
Gotchas: $3.00
Clousers (basic): $3.00
Poppers: $4.00
Clousers (deluxe): $5.00
Gurglers: $5.00
Tantrums: $5.00
Toads (Redfish): $5.00
Sea Ducers: $5.50
Toads (Tarpon): $6.00
Crabs: $6.00
EP (deluxe): $6.50

Other Details

Jesus ties flies with an assortment of hooks. If looking for something special, please make sure to inquire first. He will ship any assortment needed.


Orders under $50: Shipping is $6.00 (USPS Flat-Rate 3 Day)
Orders $50 and over: Shipping is FREE (USPS Flat-Rate 3 Day)

Orders typically ship inside of one week. For specific questions, feel free to connect with Jesus via Twitter or e-mail.

Jesus’ Bio

Jesus was raised fishing the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (Chesapeake Bay) part of the Northeast. Back and forth between the Northeast and Florida, he spent quite a few years in various fisheries. These days, Jesus spends the majority of his time fly-fishing the Gulf side of Florida, including a good portion of the Everglades and 10,000 Islands. A majority of his fly-fishing is done on foot, wading with alligators and the occasional python. He says it’s all about accessing the “honey holes” back in the Everglades.

If it wasn’t for accidentally flipping his kayak and dumping his custom spinning rig (Van Staal VS150 and custom rod) into the drink, he may have never been introduced to fly-fishing. From that day forward, Jesus has exclusively fly-fished. Jesus shared some good times spent on the water catching his 44 inch Snook, huge Black Drum, Redfish, Tarpon, and many other species.

His passion for fly-fishing didn’t stop there – he jumped into fly-tying wholeheartedly. Today, fly-tying offers a perfect channel for his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Jesus recently created the Salty River Fly Company web site and is looking forward to its speedy growth and expanded inventory of fly patterns.

Mayan Cichlid Clouser
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Mayan Cichlid Clouser

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  1. Capt JD
    July 12, 2018 at 8:05 AM — Reply

    Hi all – Jesus has been difficult to get a hold of in recent months. Some of his web resources have disappeared. Let’s give him some time to surface again.

  2. Tom Fantini
    March 17, 2018 at 9:08 AM — Reply

    How do I order Jesus Mora flies

    • Capt JD
      April 6, 2018 at 8:40 AM — Reply

      Thanks for the inquiry Tom! I can see some of his contact info in the post is outdated. Let me track him down through social media channels. As soon as I find him, I’ll connect you both. My apologies for the late response.

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