Fly Patterns

Gartside’s Fish Head (variation): Black

Recreate fly patterns at home! Materials used in making this fly have been included below. Always keep in mind your local fly-fishing store will most likely have the materials referenced, and typically for less. Materials can also be found at Amazon or any other major on-line resource.

Fly-Tying Materials

  • Mustad C70SD Hook (#1/0)
  • UTC Thread 210, Red
  • Bucktail, Black
  • Krystal Flash, Gold
  • Saddle Hackle, Black
  • Saddle Hackle, Purple
  • Flymen Fish-Skull Living Eyes, 5/16″, Ice
  • E-Z Body, Medium, Black/ Pearl
  • Loon UV Knot Sense

Design Inspiration & Detail

John Roetman is a well known fly-tying and fly-fishing authority in South Florida, now spending a majority of his time fishing the Treasure Coast. John will frequent various fly-fishing expos throughout the year, demonstrating his tying talent and offering a look at his latest designs/ creations.

John recommends using this color in limited-light environments or when fishing murky water. Here’s a look at a John’s variation of Gartside’s Fish Head in White. Both Fish Head variations John sells for $3.50. For further info on John and a look at more of his fly patterns, see Flies by John Roetman.

Target Species

This particular fly was designed to attract Snook – Jacks, Blues, Ladyfish, Albacore, Snapper and many other species will also take the fly.

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