Fly Patterns

Dock Lite Special: Blue

Recreate fly patterns at home! Materials used in making this fly have been included below. Always keep in mind your local fly-fishing store will most likely have the materials referenced, and typically for less. Materials can also be found at Amazon or any other major on-line resource.

Fly-Tying Materials

  • Orvis SI9034 Hook (#4)
  • UTC Monofilament, Clear (0.006)
  • Kanekalon hair, kinky, White
  • Kanekalon hair, kinky, Blue
  • Krystal Flash, Micro, Pearl
  • Sharpie, Red
  • flat stick-on eyes, 3/32″, Black/ White
  • E-Z Body, Small, Pearl
  • Loon UV Knot Sense

Design Inspiration & Detail

John Roetman is a well known fly-tying and fly-fishing authority in South Florida, now spending a majority of his time fishing the Treasure Coast. John will frequent various fly-fishing expos throughout the year, demonstrating his tying talent and offering a look at his latest designs/ creations.

In Southern Florida, an action packed evening can be found fishing at night under the dock lights. John tied this pattern to mimic the smaller bait fish that Snook typically target. John sells this pattern and limited other colors for $3.00. For further info on John and a look at more of his fly patterns, see Flies by John Roetman.

Target Species

This particular fly was designed to attract Snook – Jacks, Blues, Ladyfish, Albacore, Snapper and many other species will also take the fly.

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