Veterans Day 2014

We at Fly Mastery would like to share our appreciation for those who currently serve, or have served, in the US Military. Without your service, our freedom would slowly disappear.

It is evident, the US government has its challenges. As I’m sure we all know, the functionality of our government and its list of priorities really needs and overhaul. Fighting not to digress…and staying on topic, our government doesn’t step up enough when providing care for those wounded or disabled during their service. Fly Mastery would like to help level the playing field a bit.

If you are a protected Veteran and are challenged with getting started with fly fishing, we would like to help. Please, comment or reply today and share your story. We will look into our donated inventory and come up with any gear we have to get you going.

For those who may want to donate, please contact us for further details on how donations can be picked up, or mailed.

From those of us at Fly Mastery, thank you Veterans for the impact you’ve made, serving our country and maintaining our freedom.

Veterans, if you are looking for a new fishing license or would like to expand your fishing license, Veterans get a break. Check out the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission web site for an all inclusive Military Gold Sportsman’s License.

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