Fly Patterns

Spicy Shrimp: Organic Fly-Tying

Recreate fly patterns at home! Materials used in making this fly have been included below. Always keep in mind your local fly-fishing store will most likely have the materials referenced, and typically for less. Materials can also be found at Amazon or any other major on-line resource.

Fly-Tying Materials

  • Mustad Hook 34007SS (#4)
  • UTC Thread 210, Black
  • Krystal Flash, Black/ Pearl
  • Krystal Flash, Fluorescent Fire Orange
  • EP Fiber, Black
  • Peacock
  • Marabou, Fluorescent Orange
  • Rooster Neck, Prime, Chinchilla
  • Senyo’s Fusion Dub, Flame
  • Berkley Vanish, Fluorocarbon, 40 lb, Clear (weed guard)
  • Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, Hardener, Clear (#2103)

Design Inspiration & Detail

When designing a new fly, I think a lot of fly-tyers sit down at the bench with a general concept of what they want to tie and end up tying something quite different. I continually read stories written by fly-tyers having a common denominator: organic creation. Many of us who tie flies know exactly what this means. All is going well at one point, adding layer by layer, until the dubbing gets botched or palmering the hackle doesn’t lay right. Can’t tell how many times I’ve tried to secure some saddle hackle for wings and the feather rolls on me. A goal in this design was to dub the core loosely to increase the fuzziness and push back the hackle slightly – this gives the fly a dart-like shape. In the case of this particular fly, I wanted to create Bonefish and Permit shrimp pattern with shades of orange and tan, with peppering highlights. The peacock hurl for claws gave it a nice touch. I included a tiny bit of black EP Fiber between the claws to simulate antennule or flagellum – it notches up the authenticity a bit.

Target Species

This particular fly was designed to attract Bonefish and Permit – many other species will also take the fly on a retrieve.

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