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13 Jan 2015

Top 10 Fly Patterns for Bonefish

I’m sure we all agree, Bonefish will take a variety of fly patterns when hungry. If you happen to miss feeding time, well, let’s just say you’ll have to be more crafty with your approach. When Bonefish are more selective, you will need a fly pattern more closely matched to

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Whip-Finishing a Fly
08 Jan 2015

Whip-Finishing: Final Steps in Tying a Fly

Finishing a fly can be done a number of ways. I’d like to share two of the most popular ways to finish a fly and demonstrate one of them with video. Before reaching the point of finishing a fly, make any additional thread wraps to shape the head of the

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Free Fly Giveaway for January
08 Jan 2015

2015 Monthly Fly Giveaway for January!

Subscribe to our Newsletter and be eligible to win each month! Monthly, we give away free flies to those currently subscribed to our Newsletter! A winner is chosen each month at random from our subscription base. Each winner is announced on or before the seventh (7th) day following each Promotion

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Surgeon's Knot with Monofilament
20 Dec 2014

Fly-Fishing Knots: Rigging Your Rod & Reel

Many resources are available on the net these days, all advising which knots are best for rigging a fly-line and leader. A majority of these knots have a similar breaking strength, especially when you look at all the loose variables in tying them. For example, how many wraps were used,

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Bendback Deceiver in Blue
02 Dec 2014

Less Is More: Great Fly Patterns Can Be So Simple

Many new to fly-tying may find the creativity side of tying flies somewhat overwhelming. Not to fear, some of the best and most effective flies simply consist of a small collection of hairs tied to a hook shank in the right place. It is important to remember fish can be

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Opal Charlies
30 Nov 2014

Orvis Fly Tying Guide, Tom Rosenbauer

If you are looking for a comprehensive book on tying flies, you found it! The Orvis Fly-Tying Guide includes detailed steps from start to finish on how to tie flies for all the basic patterns. Fresh and saltwater flies are covered, beginning and advanced techniques are covered, and detailed photography

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Saltwater Fly Fishing: Flats
28 Nov 2014

Florida Saltwater License-Free Fishing Day

Many of you may have been waiting for a perfect time to get out and try your hand at fly fishing. Well, tomorrow is November 29th, a day which the state of Florida has given us a free day to fish without a recreational saltwater fishing license. This applies to

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Circling Bonefish
21 Nov 2014

1001 Fly Fishing Tips

1001 Fly-Fishing Tips is a one-of-a-kind collection of practical advice from over twenty-five of the world’s most renown fly-fishing experts. This book includes 1,001 of the best fly-fishing tips compiled by the former managing editor of Fly Fisherman magazine. It covers essentials from trout to tarpon, such as: casting with

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