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International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (IFTD)
16 Jun 2015

Florida Fly-Fishing Trade Shows for 2015

Florida is fortunate enough to host two major fly-fishing trade shows each year. This year the ICAST IFTD Show will be held in Orlando and the IFFF Expo in Fort Lauderdale. Both shows are loaded with all the best fly-fishing gear exhibits, casting pools, demonstrations, fly-tying, technical classes, and more.

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Crazy Charlies: Tying Effective Flies Quickly
12 Jun 2015

Crazy Charlies: Tying Effective Flies Quickly

A fish gets a split second to decide whether to hit your fly or not. In other words, if it doesn’t take advantage of the immediate feeding opportunity, the next fish will. This means if your fly looks like the food they typically eat, acts like the typical food they

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Flycycle: Fly Tying Material Exchange
08 Jun 2015

Flycycle: Fly-Tying Material Exchange

A not-for-profit re-purposing program created to exchange surplus fly-tying material Fly Mastery has received an amount of comments from readers regarding the excess of fly-tying materials at the bench. An excess in relative terms I suppose – not enough to sell, but enough trade or donate to other fly-tying enthusiasts.

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License-Free Fishing Days in Florida for 2015
01 Jun 2015

Florida License-Free Fishing Days

Many of you may have been waiting for a perfect time to get out and try your hand at fly-fishing. Well, the state of Florida offers several days each year where all of you can fish license-free. In other words, the state of Florida has given you free days to

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Captain Your Own Fishing Charters
30 May 2015

Obtaining a USCG Captain’s License

Over this past year, I have been asked several times what is involved with obtaining a US Coast Guard (USCG) Captain’s License. After some formal fact-finding and the recollection of my own experiences, I will share some of the basic requirements and offer additional tips on the process. The USCG

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Patagonia Fly-Fishing Dry Pack
14 May 2015

Gear Up: Top 15 Tools for the Fly-Fishing Gear Bag

When heading out to fish minutes, miles, or days away, forgetting your gear bag would be catastrophic. For that matter, forgetting any single item may be catastrophic. Ever been in a remote location with straight blistering sun and forget your sunscreen? How about tucked into the Everglades, hours away from

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Easter Baskets & Bunnies
31 Mar 2015

Easter Baskets & Bunnies

Bunny flies are a necessity in almost every saltwater fly box. Rabbit fur takes most of the credit for the success of the Bunny fly – the soft fur offers some amazing action in the water. Bunnies are typically made by wrapping the main body (hook shank) with “rabbit strips”

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Tarpon: Poon Fly
25 Mar 2015

2015 Ladies Tarpon Fly Tournament: Islamorada, FL

Tarpon season is ramping up! From January to April each year the tarpon build in the Florida Keys, ultimately reaching peak numbers through June. Florida and its Keys celebrate this time by holding numerous Tarpon fishing tournaments. This year, Florida Keys Outfitters bring us the 2015 Ladies Tarpon Fly Tournament!

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