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Less Is More: Great Fly Patterns Can Be So Simple

Many new to fly-tying may find the creativity side of tying flies somewhat overwhelming. Not to fear, some of the best and most effective flies simply consist of a small collection of hairs tied to a hook shank in the right place.

It is important to remember fish can be finicky when eating. They can also work themselves up in a frenzy, eating everything in their path and immediately. As most of you have seen before, fish react in a fight or flight split second. Tying a fly that vaguely resembles an insect, shrimp, or crab is all it takes to get a hungry fish to commit. This is especially the case when your fly will shortly be stripped out of their comfortable and accessible eating zone.

The featured image above is an example of how simple or elementary fly construction can be. Securing a set of bead-chain eyes and some bucktail will make a fly like this complete. I like to add a few strands of crystal flash while I’m at it – let your creativity run wild.

For additional examples of simple flies to tie, see my post on Bendbacks.

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