Fly Patterns

Glassy Gotcha: Using Silver Lined Japanese Seed Beads

Recreate fly patterns at home! Materials used in making this fly have been included below. Always keep in mind your local fly-fishing store will most likely have the materials referenced, and typically for less. Materials can also be found at Amazon or any other major on-line resource.

Fly-Tying Materials

Design Inspiration & Detail

I’ve been experimenting with these glass seed beads since MAY 2014. I went looking for something like a brass bead (having a small amount of weight) that wouldn’t tarnish. Stumbled upon these glass beads in an art store (Michael’s) and figured they might be the ticket. Beautiful part about them is the fact they are lined with silver – this really adds some longevity to their brilliance under water. Another great attribute is the fact they barley slide over the smashed barb on a #2 hook – this means they ride relatively tight to the hook shank. If tied properly, the beads also give some audible clicking when retrieving – the beads slide back and forth into one another.

Make sure to wrap the shank of the hook with thread at least one time – this will make it so the silver lining inside each bead will remain intact. The reflection does wonders for attracting fish.

For those interested in the relative weight of the fly: The five (5) seed beads used on the hook weigh one-quarter of a gram – this is equal to one set of Bead Chain Eyes.

Target Species

This particular fly was designed to attract Bonefish and Permit – many other species will also take the fly on a retrieve.

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