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Come spend some time with Fly Mastery and tie some creative fly patterns for your next fly-fishing trip! Our classes set aside time for learning new techniques, sharing design creativity, and telling fish stories over a good cup of coffee. We welcome kids of all ages and would gladly bring class to a local venue, if need be. Come join Fly Mastery for some shop-talk on:

  • Fly-Tying Tools
  • Fly-Tying Materials
  • Designing Effective Flies
  • Improving Fly-Tying Techniques

Fly Mastery classes are offered to help improve fly-tying talent, inspire fly-tying enthusiasts, and create a social environment for all to share in our similar passion of fly-fishing. Fly-tying classes offer much more. Many of the fly-tying materials come in large packages or sizable qualities. Quite often, attendees will trade portions of their material to grow their own color selections or texture options. It’s a great way to improve the fly-tying options when home at your bench.


Fly Mastery class locations will vary, all depending on available venues and where attendees are located. At this time, classes are being held in Fort Lauderdale and Plantation on a regular basis. Specific locations are announced a week prior to class.


We hold two fly-tying classes each month (typically Saturday mornings) and only when two or more have committed.


We start at 10.00am. Class will usually last for two hours. Most will hang out for another hour or two, tying flies, sharing stories, etc.


Saturday classes are complimentary. Private fly-tying lessons are offered for $20 an hour.

What To Bring

All attendees should have a vise and set of tools (i.e. scissors, bobbin, head cement and at least a few toothpicks). If an attendee is short on materials, Fly Mastery will be happy to get you going with our materials. For Saturday sessions, we suggest bringing a lunch or snack. Most of us hang out through the lunch hour.

Prior to coming to class, check out two posts written to jump-start folks who are new to fly-tying. See Fly-Tying Tools: Where Do You Start? and Fly-Tying Materials: Where Do You Start?. Both will give you a good sense of what’s involved with fly-tying.

For more info or to reserve a spot in one of our next classes, e-mail us.

Come share the fly-tying bench with Fly Mastery!

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