Easter Baskets & Bunnies
31 Mar 2015

Easter Baskets & Bunnies

Bunny flies are a necessity in almost every saltwater fly box. Rabbit fur takes most of the credit for the success of the Bunny fly – the soft fur offers some amazing action in the water. Bunnies are typically made by wrapping the main body (hook shank) with “rabbit strips”

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Fly-Tying Classes
09 Mar 2015

Fly-Tying Classes

Come spend some time with Fly Mastery and tie some creative fly patterns for your next fly-fishing trip! Our classes set aside time for learning new techniques, sharing design creativity, and telling fish stories over a good cup of coffee. We welcome kids of all ages and would gladly bring

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Murray's Backcountry Baitfish: Grey
02 Mar 2015

Flies by Joe Murray

I first connected with Joe Murray over Twitter earlier this month. After exchanging a few fly-tying ideas, he shared with me an image of a unique baitfish fly he tied recently. Joe indicated the baitfish design was an original concept and very effective in South Florida. Fascinated with the fly’s

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Bugger Buddy: Olive
09 Feb 2015

Southern Boys Flies

Pete Colding of Southern Boys Flies was advertising “flies made to order” just the other day. Not only did his line of flies show some creativity, but his pricing was the most competitive I’ve seen. In an effort to show some of this creativity with our readers, I requested he

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Whip-Finishing a Fly
08 Jan 2015

Whip-Finishing: Final Steps in Tying a Fly

Finishing a fly can be done a number of ways. I’d like to share two of the most popular ways to finish a fly and demonstrate one of them with video. Before reaching the point of finishing a fly, make any additional thread wraps to shape the head of the

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Bendback Deceiver: Blue
02 Dec 2014

Less Is More: Great Fly Patterns Can Be So Simple

Many new to fly-tying may find the creativity side of tying flies somewhat overwhelming. Not to fear, some of the best and most effective flies simply consist of a small collection of hairs tied to a hook shank in the right place. It is important to remember fish can be

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Crazy Charlies: Opal
30 Nov 2014

Orvis Fly Tying Guide, Tom Rosenbauer

If you are looking for a comprehensive book on tying flies, you found it! The Orvis Fly-Tying Guide includes detailed steps from start to finish on how to tie flies for all the basic patterns. Fresh and saltwater flies are covered, beginning and advanced techniques are covered, and detailed photography

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Fly Tying Materials
22 Oct 2014

Fly Tying Materials: Where Do You Start?

It is a bit overwhelming, standing in the fly shop and looking at the walls covered in fly tying materials with endless colors. Where do you start? As someone who just recently experienced this, I want to share my solutions and offer a way to make sense of it all.

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Fly Tying Tools
18 Oct 2014

Fly-Tying Tools: Where Do You Start?

Yes, we all felt the same thing when debating how to get started in fly-tying. Standing in the fly shop and looking at the walls covered in fly-tying materials can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? As someone who just recently experienced this, I want to share my

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Bendback Deceiver: Crystaline Blue
24 Sep 2014

Bendbacks: Beat the Turtle Grass

Fly tying can be so simple and easy – they can also be intricate and complex. Bend-back flies can have minimal material and be tied quickly. Great thing about this particular design is the fact it’s weedless. Today, finding pre-bent hooks is a challenge. Not to fear, grab a pair

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